Solar Building-Integrated PV Façades and Glazing

In a regulatory environment that is pushing for zero carbon buildings, aesthetically pleasing BIPV solutions are becoming increasingly required by the urban environment.

Future Business Centre solar facade

In multi-storey buildings where roof space in often limited, façades and glazing offer additional surfaces with huge potential of generating electricity. With strict planning and design regulations along with carbon-tax, having power generating façades and windows is hugely advantageous.

Polysolar's photovoltaic glass panels are ideal for incorporating into building envelopes due to their frameless design, aesthetic finish, and variable transparency. They are also more efficient at non-optimal angles than crystalline silicon panels and so are ideal for a vertical mounting system. For these reasons Polysolar's building integrated glass is proving to be one of the only strategies available for renewable energy generation in the built environment.

Panels can be incorporated into a curtain walling framework, bonded rainscreen system, or introduced as part of the glazing.

Solar facade architectural drawings

Large commercial buildings offer huge areas for PV in these systems. Additional PV can also be incorporated into balconies and atriums to further maximise energy generation.

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