Feed in Tariff (FiT) and Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)

The UK government operates the Feed in Tariff for adopters of renewable technologies. The UK FiT is administered by Ofgem (feed-tariff-fit-scheme) and the subsidy is paid by licensed electricity suppliers with whom you register your installation once commissioned.

The solar PV FiT scheme works on the basis of being paid for the metered electricity you generate. This rate varies by size of installation, number of sites you have, whether you mount on a building or not, and also if the building has a suitable Energy Certificate Rating (EPC). The FiT payment rate is adjusted by the Government on a quarterly basis and regressed in line with cost reductions in the industry. FiTs are applicable for installations up to 1 MWp.

In addition to the Feed in Tariff, your installation may be applicable for a Deemed Export Tariff. For installations under 30 kWp, the utility assumes 50% of your power will be exported back to the grid. You are then paid an export rate for this electricity in addition to FiTs, regardless of how much you use yourself. For systems over 30 kWp you will need to install a Smart Meter to negotiate payment for exported electricity.

For full details regarding FiT eligibility and scheme administration you must always refer to OFGEM directly when considering project feasibility. The most recent version scheme guidance is provided here, but please always ensure you refer to OFGEM directly.

For projects up to 50 kWp to be eligible for the FiT, they must be registered on the microgeneration certification scheme (MCS) and be installed by an MCS registered installer.

For projects over 5 MW they must be registered with OFGEM. Guidance can be found here.

Details of MCS registered products and installers can be found here.

All Polysolar products are MCS registered with BRE and BSI, and qualify for the solar PV FiT.

For international applications Polysolar products are IEC 6164 & 61730 certified by TÜVRheinland.