Façades and curtain walling

Future Business Centre


System kWp: 4.6

Area: 57 sq m

Inverter: Aurora

Modules Used: PS-A opaque, PS-C transparent Double Glazed Unit (DGU)

Polysolar was requested to provide the PV glazing for the stairwell curtain walling and the decorative rainscreen cladding. This saw the first truly transparent curtain wall elements employed in the UK and a BREEAM rating of Excellent.


Factory Rainscreen Façade


System kWp: 45

Area: 6,000 sq m

Inverter: Fronius

Modules Used: PS-A-87A

A rain screen cladding system for a factory façade on an existing steel and timber frame building utilising a SIKA bonded rain screen system. The installation improved the thermal insulation of the factory whilst making an attractive and overt statement about the factory owner's green credentials.


Rain Screen


System kWp: 0.6

Area: 8.53 sq m

Inverter: Soladin 600

Modules Used: PS-A Opaque

Polysolar were approached by the customer for a unique one off project to provide a vertical mounted façade on the South facing side of the house due to a lack of available roof space.