Solar Canopies

Smart Home Canopy

System kWp: 3.18

Area: 17 sq m

Inverter: Solis/Victron/LG

Modules Used: PS-CT-64 (20% Transparent)

Polysolar was invited to develop, design, supply and install a transparent power generating rooftop canopy for E.ON and Berkeley Homes' Future Home concept.The Smart Energy home incorporates three solar PV installations using Polysolar’s PV Glass. Including a roof canopy that offers protection from the elements and shading as well as being optimally positioned for generating renewable energy. A PV glass balustrade around the roof terrace provides visual screening and protection from the wind, as well as additional dual-sided power generation.The installation also included a solar bike and bin store canopy at the front of the town house, enclosing and protecting the contents and offering additional solar generation.


University Bus Hub

System kWp: 18.4

Area: 207 sq m

Inverter: Growatt 4000UE x 2

Modules Used: PS-CT-64 (20% transparent)

Polysolar designed and installed two power generating bus shelters for the new hub at Bournemouth University's Talbot Campus.


Railway Station

Cambridge North BIPV Cycle parking shelter

System kWp: 49

Area: 317 sq m

Inverter: Growatt 10000/18000/20000 UE

Modules Used: PS-PC-SE

This cycle shelter at the newly opened Cambridge North railway station accommodates 196 high performing 250 Wp panels in the roof.


Outdoor Swimming Pool Solarium

Hathersage Lido

System kWp: 8.06

Area: 90 sq m

Inverter: Growatt 8000UE

Modules Used: PS-CT-64 (20% transparent)

As part of the restoration of the historic solarium at the Hathersage lido, Polysolar in collaboration with canopy providers 123v have installed revolutionary transparent solar-PV glazing into a smart, energy generating roof structure.


Transparent Solar Bus Shelter

London - Canary Wharf

System kWp: 2.8

Area: 36 sq m

Inverter: Solis mini 1000

Modules Used: PS-CT-64/48

In collaborating with Marshalls and the Canary Wharf Group, Polysolar designed an innovative new, transparent solar bus shelter at Canary Wharf. The solar PV is integrated within the structure which not only provides shelter from the elements but is also expected to generate enough electricity to power the average London apartment.


Barbican Canopy


System kWp: 2.8

Area: 44.2 sq m

Inverter: Kaco

Modules Used: PS-C Transparent Series

Polysolar supplied BIPV glazing units for a walkway canopy at Prior Weston Primary School, Barbican, London.


BIPV Petrol Forecourt Canopy - Sainsbury

Bishops Waltham

System kWp: 16

Area: 242 sq m

Inverter: Fronius

Modules Used: PS-C Transparent

Polysolar were approached for this unique project, the first of its kind, constructing a petrol filling station canopy which could generate energy for the kiosk, whilst providing a pleasant environment for the clients.


BIPV Petrol Forecourt Canopy


System kWp: 23.4

Area: 371 sq m

Inverter: Fronius

Modules Used: PS-C Transparent Series

Polysolar completed a second petrol filling station in Weymouth following the success of the first in Bishops Waltham.


Wilmott Dixon Canopy


System kWp: 2.25

Area: 28.6 sq m

Inverter: Mastervolt

Modules Used: PS-C Transparent

Polysolar designed and supplied a retrofit roof garden canopy for Willmott Dixon Healthcare Campus at BRE Innovation Park, Watford.