CdTe Colourless PV Glass (PS-CT series)

Polysolar Colourless Transparent Solar Glass  

Polysolar's PS-CT panel design was released in 2015 and provides an innovative, colourless design with variable transparency.

The future of building-integrated materials, PS-CT panels are posed to replace conventional glass panels by providing excellent design and build functionality whilst simultaneously producing renewable electricity.

Transparent solar panels comparisonFeatures include:

  • Variable transparency between 10% to 50%
  • Power output up to 85 W
  • Excellent efficiency in non-optimal positions
  • Colourless glass allows for natural daylight
  • Glass/glass frameless design for better aesthetics
  • Generates electricity even at low light levels

This product is also available in a black opaque option.

Click here for full PS-CT Opaque product specifications

Click here for full PS-CT Transparent product specifications

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