PS-A and PS-C series (a-Si thin-film)

Polysolar Transparent a-Si Amorphous Silicon Glass Panel        Building-Integrated photovoltaic glass      

Ideal for façades, roofs and canopy structures due to its transparent active layer.

This 90 W transparent amorphous silicon panel is an innovative addition to the building material market. It features:                    
  • High performance in non-optimal locations
  • Frameless glass/glass design with transparent active layer
  • Laminated for compliance with overhead and safety glass
  • Thermal properties similar to K glass. 
  • High efficiency of up to 7%

Colour:  Amber / Bronze (20% Transparent)
Dimensions: 1300 x 1100 x 7 mm
Power:  90 W
Weight: 24 Kg
Certification: Fully MCS by BSI

Click here for PS-A technical specifications.

Click here for PS-C technical specifications.


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