Micromorph Colourless PV Glass (PS-M-NX series)

BIPV integrated solar facade        

For BIPV Curtain Walling and Facades

This 135 W Micro-Morph solar panel is a high powered and contemporary building envelope solution.  
It provides:   
  • Higher power output
  • Better performance on non-optimal faces
  • Frameless glass/glass design providing continuous surface

Colour: Black (White backing sheet)
Dimensions: 1400 x 1100 x 7 mm
Power: 130-135 W
Weight: 24 kg
Certifications: Fully MCS by NQA 

Features of Polysolar's Micromorph Module

  • Advanced thin-film technology
  • High power
  • Sleek and stylish aesthetics
  • Sustained performance in high ambient temperatures
  • Laminated for compliance with overhead and safety glass
  • Thermal properties similar to K glass. 
  • High conversion rate of up to 8%
  • Rigorous quality of control standards and a worldwide certification programme
  • Product warranty 5 years
  • Power warranty 20 years 

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