Construction Professionals

Application and Appeal

It is tempting to compare Polysolar PV glass with either standard PV modules or high performance double glazing in terms of energy generation or material qualities and efficiencies. 

This is however only the tip of the iceberg since the applications for Polysolar glazing, be it double glazed or standard laminate sheet, are far greater than any individual substitute product. Polysolar PV Glass is a multi functional material providing weatherproofing as well as energy.

Polysolar merge the areas of renewable energy generation with building materials to provide a compelling offer that has applications in all façades, curtain walls, walkways, windows, roofing, general glazing and general cladding as an integrated, applied or standalone product.

Our homogeneous finishes make it a visually compelling proposition, bringing a much greater aesthetic appeal than other renewable technologies whilst inherent physical properties match the performance of the very highest quality double glazing units throughout the building envelope.

Compelling Proposition

Polysolar PV glass is a huge contributor to Part L Building regulations and can offer a potential 20%[1] increase in BREEAM performance score. We accept of course that this is entirely dependent on building type and application; but in the following areas Polysolar makes a significant impact:

  • Health and Well-being
  1. Visual Comfort
  2. Indoor Air Quality 
  3. Thermal Comfort
  4. Acoustic performance 
  • Energy
  1. Reduction of Emissions
  2. Energy Monitoring 
  3. Low and Zero Carbon Technologies (LZCT)
  • Materials
  1. Life cycle impacts
  2. Responsible sourcing of materials
  • Innovation
  1. Through excellence in other areas above

Please refer to our BREEAM summary link here, with a full copy of the BREEAM New Construction – 2011 technical manual available from

[1] “BREEAM with Polysolar Ltd Thin-Film PV Glass.” Centre for the Built Environment, University of East Anglia, dated November 2013


When undertaking preliminary design modelling we create simple representations of our products in-situ. We further use standard solar energy generation models such as PVGIS and NREL to evaluate the energy generation of an installation based on location, position and orientation. We work closely with designers to take early ideas through to a realistic proposition. We have also created and uploaded a limited number of SketchUp models of our glass and associated components. Please feel free to access SketchUp online 3D databases to openly download our electronic created modules and place them into their working drawings. For instructions on how to download Sketch up and our 3D models, please click here to view the PDF.

View our models:

Powerful Business Case

Whilst every application is different and from an energy generation perspective every location offers differing performance, we are confident that no other product offers the same degree of physical benefits and generation performance for the same price that Polysolar can offer. 

Collaboration not Transaction

We aim to operate in a collaborative style to provide you the assurance that you have as much information as possible to aid your decision making process throughout the design. We will also provide a guidance on costs prior to your investment in the design, saving you time and money. 

We understand the specification process is influenced by client demands to obtain best value. We will always offer complete clarity with quotations and remain keen to participate in site visits, project meetings and outline budget discussions. Your design stages can be supported through 3D design software and  Polysolar's widely experienced partnered framework. 

The three dimensional image of an industry standard curtain walling system can easily be imported from our online data base and our modules can be added. This can give accurate illustration of aesthetics but also compatibility. Wire integration can also be assessed and planned from an early stage to eliminate expensive and time consuming on-site alterations.  

To contact one of our team to discus design and integration please call +44 (0)1223 911 534

We also like to get on the road and offer architects and consultants CPD sessions. If this is of interest to you please email and our management team will get back to you.