Fabricators, Installers & Other Partners

We have worked with curtain wall companies, steel fabricators, glass processors, façade integrators and regular construction professionals.  Typically, having demystified the worries of integrating PV solar glass with existing building systems, our completed project results in a partnering agreement between both of us for future programmes of work.

What’s the Worry?

Ultimately, integrators are dealing with either a 7 mm laminate glass sheet or a double glazed unit of around 30 mm thickness.  On every project we have found a workable solution, well within the capacity of the relevant skills of the integrator, to ensure maximum resource efficiency is maintained.

The only technical challenge to consider is the accommodation of the 4 mm electrical cables within the structure.  This is where our collaborative operating model shines through to result in a rapid resolution for any issues. 

Liabilities and Warranties

In terms of liabilities and warranty claims, we demarcate areas of work such that all watertight and structural integrity issues lie with the integrator and all PV performance and electrical issues lie with ourselves – unless client M&E provides MCS electrical works.  This model is very simple and results in a clear delineation of accountability, not only for the parties involved but for the end client as well.   

We do not offer a professional structural design service nor structural advice, since we are fully aware that this is the realm of the specialist contractor. We do of course offer advice on our own product to secure a smooth integration and have an Integration Manual available in our downloads section here.

Contractual Arrangements

We are flexible in terms of contractual arrangements, with a template partnering agreement available on request here.

When preparing a bid we can act as the focal point for the entire project to the customer or provide supply only quotes to partners already involved in a programme of works.

Depending on the needs of the end client, we would expect the contractual relationship between integrators and ourselves to be a back-to-back arrangement with professional design and service liabilities apportioned to the most appropriate party.