Benefits of Polysolar Transparent PV Glass

Without requiring any additional space or resources Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) substitutes for conventional glazing and cladding materials whilst delivering multiple benefits in renewable power generation. 

BIPV can be used in all parts of the building envelope, including façades, roofs and windows. The ratio of façade surface area to roof surface area increases with building height, in addition the available roof area is often reduced due to the installation of facilities which means that BIPV façades are of particular value in high density urban areas.

BIPV offers the opportunity to make micro-renewable energy generation cost-competitive with conventional fossil fuels. By substituting conventional construction materials for solar PV modules, the additional installed cost of the PV energy generation energy is only marginal. Combined with the multi-functional benefits afforded by PV glass and the ability to reduce energy consumption, BIPV represents the future of building design.

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