Company Profile

Polysolar develops, designs, and project-manages Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) solutions. We are a world leading Cambridge (UK) based developer and producer of innovative, low-cost, solar photovoltaic glass for the architectural market.

Our unique thin-film solar glass is the first truly transparent alternative for conventional architectural materials, generating renewable energy and a return on investment whilst maintaining attractive architectural features.

We work with clients, architects, surveyors and throughout the industry to provide turnkey and bespoke integrated PV solutions. Our products provide an exceptional finish to a building, enabling environmental targets and planning regulations to be met.

Polysolar was established in 2007 by CEO Hamish Watson for the development of next generation photovoltaic materials. A Technology Strategy Board grant with development partners such as Pilkington glass gave rise to the world's largest single cell organic photovoltaic (OPV).

As the R&D progressed, Polysolar developed, launched, and certified an amorphous silicon (a-Si) transparent, glass solar panel (PS-C series) alongside an opaque unit (PS-A series). The product range is enhanced by an all black higher powered micromoprh unit (PS-M-NX series). More recently the company introduced a range of BIPV products that address different architectural requirements. These are the PS-CT range of high performance transparent glazing panels, façade cladding panels and flexible roofing panels. 

The company has won numerous awards and commendations across the renewable energy community, including the Canary Wharf Cognicity challenge, which led to the installation of the UK's first solar powered bus shelter, and being invited to meet with HRH Prince Charles to discuss our PV greenhouse capabilities.

Polysolar brings together all of the required elements of a construction project to give end clients the confidence and ability to call Polysolar their choice for building integrated PV projects.