Gloucester Shire Hall


System kWp: 33
Area: 150 sq m
Inverter: Growatt
Modules Used: PS-C-901 in 20% transparency and PS-A-87A Opaque Double Glazed Unit

Polysolar were approached to design and install replacement BIPV curtain walling on the North, South, East and West façades of the existing Shire Hall building. Along with the curtain walling on the stairwell (transparent and opaque) for the southern façade on Block 5 and the spandrel section.


Utilise a weatherproof and appealing façade whilst generating clean energy. Overall building requirements to achieve BREEAM Excellent.


An attractive, environmental, weatherproof façade providing an updated refurbishment of the 50-year old Shire Hall. The retrofit of the BIPV system incorporates additional insulation to improve the thermal performance of the building along with Polysolar’s transparent BIPV units in the upper window sections to improve the thermal performance and reduce heat gain and glare. U-value 1.2 G-Value 0.24. Combined with the renewable energy generation the building aims to achieve BREEAM Excellence, a rare achievement in retrofit high-rise construction.