BRE Smart Home


System kWp: 3.2
Area: 50 sq m
Inverter: Fronius
Modules Used: PS-C Transparent Series

Polysolar partnered with Nationwide Windows and GJH facades to supply and install the breathtaking PV glass atrium. Polysolar PS-C-series transparent PV glass was fitted into standard Kawneer aluminium curtain walling to provide the weatherproof atrium envelope.


Waterproof atrium designed to reduce thermal gain and supply the building's electricity needs. 


The PV glass units replaced the conventional glazing, subsequently helping to both reduce the thermal gain to the building and to generate sufficient renewable energy to power the home. Moreover, since the Polysolar Atrium uses standard curtain walling profiles, the integration of the glass took no more than 2 weeks and resulted in a sleek finish with cabling hidden from view. At the same time the natural amber tint resulted in an amiable environment within the atrium area. Bringing the appropriately certified electrical contractors, Polysolar were able to offer a straight-forward integration along with final certification of the entire system, and 3.4 MWh of electricity per annum. Seek out our article below on page 46 of Refurb and Renovation News.