Transparent Solar Bus Shelter

London - Canary Wharf

System kWp: 2.8
Area: 36 sq m
Inverter: Solis mini 1000
Modules Used: PS-CT-64/48

In collaborating with Marshalls and the Canary Wharf Group, Polysolar designed an innovative new, transparent solar bus shelter at Canary Wharf. The solar PV is integrated within the structure which not only provides shelter from the elements but is also expected to generate enough electricity to power the average London apartment.


Provide a fully integrated transparent solar PV bus shelter in Canary Wharf to give shelter for travellers whilst generating electricity to feed back into the estate.


In this first-of-a-kind bus shelter, Polysolar 20% transparent panels were used on the roof and 40% transparent panels on the sides achieving an aesthetic addition to the prestigious Canary Wharf estate.  Commissioned by the Canary Wharf Group and in collaboration with Marshalls street furniture, this bespoke shelter was specially designed so that it integrated seamlessly into the estate and demonstrates Canary Wharf's commitment to a renewable future.  This 2.8 kWp system is estimated to generate enough electricity to power the average London apartment and will be used to power the lighting and signage in the shelter along with others on the estate.