Polysolar met with local MP Daniel Zeichner


Polysolar met with local MP Daniel Zeichner at the Future Business Centre in Cambridge to discuss Polysolar’s current and future technologies along with the necessity for governmental support to succeed in meeting future carbon targets. 

At the site of one of Polysolar’s Cambridge installations and the hub of Cambridge Cleantech, Daniel Zeichner highlighted the need for stricter building regulations to future proof new buildings and succeed in developing zero carbon homes.  With the abolition of certain building and planning regulations meaning that new buildings no longer have to invest in renewable technologies, it puts strain on an industry that is essential if we are to succeed in meeting future carbon objectives.  

Zeichner recognised the huge potential for Polysolar transparent solar glazing which can be a direct substitute for standard building materials, with the added benefit of generating electricity.

“when you’ve got technological innovations like this on our doorstep, it seems ridiculous to me that we are not taking advantage of them” – Daniel Zeichner

With the vast amount of building currently going on in Cambridge and throughout the UK, the opportunity for Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) is huge, but only with the support of government can this technology truly be embraced by the masses.