Sunshine powers Chelsea Flower Show Eco-City Garden

With most of us now living in cities, the LG Eco-City Garden at the 2018 RHS Chelsea Flower Show, designed by Hay Joung Hwang, aims to see how we can use gardens to improve urban living, and make it more sustainable. One of the key innovations incorporated in the garden is Polysolar's transparent photovoltaic glass that forms the skylight to the kitchen area.

The transparent solar glass generates renewable energy from sunlight. The 6 m2 of glazing is capable of generating over 340 kWh of electricity per year, sufficient to power the lighting and water features in the garden, whilst also forming an attractive, weatherproof window to let light into the space below.

Cambridge-based cleantech company Polysolar has teamed up with LG and Prime Hybrid Energy to deliver a smart solar solution to the garden. Supplementing the Polysolar glass, which works in low, ambient light conditions, are four high performance LG panels embedded in a sedum green roof. The electricity generated is then used to power the garden appliances, with any excess stored in batteries for use after dark. The system then draws on cheap, night-time grid electricity to optimally balance the system, and maximise the use of free, solar energy.

Hamish Watson, Founder and CEO of Polysolar says, "as a keen gardener myself, it is always extremely exciting to be involved in building one of the main show gardens at Chelsea. I always hoped we would have one of our solar PV greenhouses exhibited at the event, but to be a part of a major environmental garden with one of the leading designers and landscape architects is a great honour. The installation also shows how we can live enjoyable, healthy, and sustainable lifestyles in an increasingly overcrowded world.

The garden was recently featured on the BBC's coverage of the show. Check out the clip here.

About the Garden

The LG Eco-City Garden represents the green space allocated to one housing unit in a 'vertical forest' of residential apartments. It integrates our increased dependency on technology with a requirement to be mindful of the environmental issues posed by contemporary lifestyles, as well as reduce pollution specifically in areas of high population density.

Each household has its own spacious terrace, accessed from the kitchen, and designed to receive plenty of sunlight. The plants and trees play a role in the seasonal control of oxygen generation, humidity control, temperature moderation, and the reduction in carbon dioxide and pollutants. Running water provides a filter for noise pollution, while the solar glazing generates clean, sustainable energy.

About Polysolar

Polysolar is an award-winning UK cleantech business producing unique, transparent photovoltaic glass for integration into windows, skylights, balustrades, canopies, greenhouses, and building facades. Our certified products will make a positive impact on climate change, and will become a significant source of local renewable energy.