Harrow case study for energy efficient homes to be showcased at the GRAND DESIGNS LIVE exhibition

Harrow case study for energy efficient homes to be showcased at the GRAND DESIGNS LIVE exhibition

Harrow Council and British technology company Polysolar have come together to deliver an innovative new renewable energy solution that will be on display at the Grand Designs LIVE at London EXCEL between 4- 12 May 2024.

Identified by Project A.I.R (Artificial Intelligence Guided Retrofit), this landmark project follows Harrow’s successful GLA grant funded bid for fabric-first measures to electric powered homes.  Project-A.I.R is the first AI-enabled concept to deliver proven, ground-breaking efficiencies in the field of housing decarbonisation.

Concept and benefits

The concept is represented by the creation of a new garden space: a pergola-canopy incorporating Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), in the form of innovative transparent solar photovoltaic (PV) glass that serve the dual function of structure and power generation unit in one.  The pergola-canopy transparent PV glass will create a 3 Kilowatt (KW) solar array, capable of delivering a 45% reduction in individual household energy bills throughout the year and helping to address fuel poverty in the borough.

This project represents a UK first for the integration of transparent solar PV glass technology in a social housing retrofit.

A critical and unique factor of this concept is the resulting social value benefits to our key stakeholders: our residents. By creating a sheltered outdoor space that also helps power the home, a combination of wellbeing and environmental improvements are achieved. The space offers improved opportunities for recreation, such as  children’s games, gardening and outdoor dining, as well as relaxation, under the  comfort of weather proof shaded and low UV- transmission solar glass. 

The standalone transparent glass garden pergola-canopy design means that the installation of solar on council properties is not limited by constraints such as small roof sizes or non-optimal West-East orientations. While the attractive design and low disruption installation attributes also benefit through providing easier access for maintenance and repair across its 30-year warranted lifespan.

Cllr Mina Parmar, Harrow Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing said;

“We are always open to new ideas that will help us in our plans for a carbon neutral Harrow by 2030. 

“This case study is the first of its kind and we are proud to be part of this landmark project which looks at making homes warmer, and as energy efficient in a way never done so before with social housing. Not only that, but it will also help residents lower their energy costs at a time many are experiencing a squeeze on their finances. 

“This compliments our recent GLA funded decarbonisation programme and I look forward to seeing our project showcased at the Grand Design live exhibition.” 

TICKETS Grand Designs LIVE at London EXCEL between 4 - 12 May 2024

Complimentary tickets are available for Harrow stakeholders and staff, available on request, please email andres.shoman@harrow.gov.uk for details 

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