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Polysolar uses a different technology in our solar panels, enabling us to use them in locations where conventional panels would not be as efficient such as vertical facades and non-optimal orientations.

This thin layer technology also means we can adapt them to have different levels of transparency depending on the application. Not only do the panels generate clean, solar energy, but also significantly reduce thermal gain, providing for a more comfortable environment. They are a laminated glass, therefore increasing their strength and permitting use in overhead applications.

All our products are microgeneration certification scheme (MCS) certified, and we always use MCS approved installers, ensuring all installations are compatible with the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG).  

  • Renewable Energy Generation: Efficiently generates 3 kWp of solar power 

  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for various applications, including outdoor workspaces 

  • Security and Durability: Tamper-proof design and waterproof roofing enhance product longevity 

  • Sustainability Focus: Supports eco-friendly practices with solar energy harnessing 

  • Reliability and Compliance: Meets stringent Euro code standards and holds product and install MCS certification

    We all love the sun. Especially when it’s working for us. By capturing the power of the sun, you’re doing your bit for a better tomorrow by generating energy today.

    Polysolar offers its innovative transparent solar canopies which can transform a terrace or garden into an all-weather living space. Offering UV protection with their modern look, our solar glass solutions work at less than 10% sunlight, meaning you can harvest solar power for longer. Any unused energy can be stored in a solar battery to use at night by our smart home energy solutions.

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    • Over 15 years of experience of providing integrated solar solutions
    • Canopy tested and approved for extreme snow and wind conditions
    • Compatible with home battery systems
    • Minimal on-site assembly for reduced installation times

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