Novel Transparent solar glass

Polysolar develops and manufactures novel transparent solar glass which we incorporate into a variety of structures. The glass operates in the same way as the panels on roofs, with the added benefit of allowing natural light through to the area underneath. This allows us to use our glass for canopies, carports, and other transparent structures where aesthetics and light levels are of importance. 

The energy generated from the solar glass is fed via an inverter to power the home, charge a battery storage system, or fed back to the national grid to provide money through the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG).

Polysolar transparent photovoltaic glass forms the fabric of structure like bus shelters, generating clean renewable electricity even in low or ambient light levels. Our glass is made up of functional layers within laminated glazing. The pixelated photovoltaic layer which generates electricity while remaining visually clear is encapsulated within two layers of transparent conductive coatings that form the electrodes. Allowing a percentage of light through the glass, making it appear clear, allowing light absorption by the active layer which converts the photons' energy into electricity. Electrical energy then passes into wiring hidden within the conventional glazing framework. 

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