Polysolar Wins 'Energy Project of the Year – Public' at the 2023 Energy Awards for Innovative Solar Carport Project with Leicester City Council

Polysolar Wins 'Energy Project of the Year – Public' at the 2023 Energy Awards for Innovative Solar Carport Project with Leicester City Council

Polysolar is proud to announce its prestigious win in the 'Energy Project of the Year – Public' category at the Energy Awards 2023. This honour, awarded to Polysolar for its groundbreaking Multistorey Carpark Solar Carport project in partnership with Leicester City Council, is a testament to the company's innovative approach to renewable energy infrastructure.

The Energy Awards is a highly regarded industry accolade that celebrates the best and brightest in the field of energy innovation and sustainability. Polysolar's Multistorey Carpark Solar Carport project, in collaboration with Leicester City Council, secured the 'Energy Project of the Year – Public' award, highlighting its significant contributions to renewable energy solutions for public infrastructure.

The judges commented, "Our judges recognised a project that could prove to be a template to enhance existing infrastructure by integrating renewable technologies that can maximise power generation without directly impacting individuals trying to go about their lives." This acknowledgment underscores the innovative and sustainable essence of Polysolar's solar carport project, which effectively transforms underutilised space into a clean energy powerhouse.

Key highlights of the award-winning project include:

Seamless Integration: The project demonstrates the harmonious integration of renewable energy solutions into existing public infrastructure, making efficient use of available space.

Maximised Power Generation: The Multistorey Carpark Solar Carport leverages advanced solar technology to maximise power generation while promoting sustainable energy practices.

Enhancing Sustainability: The project aligns with Leicester City Council's commitment to sustainability and serves as a shining example of how public infrastructure can be transformed into clean energy hubs.

Speaking about the award, Hamish Watson, CEO of Polysolar, expressed his gratitude, stating, "We are thrilled to receive the 'Energy Project of the Year – Public' award at the 2023 Energy Awards. It reflects our dedication to redefining public infrastructure for a cleaner, more sustainable future. We are grateful for the recognition and are excited to continue our work with partners like Leicester City Council to bring innovative, renewable energy solutions to communities."

The Multistorey Carpark Solar Carport project's success at the Energy Awards 2023 not only highlights the expertise of Polysolar but also the company's commitment to advancing sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. It serves as a milestone in the journey toward a greener and more energy-efficient future.

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